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Why Hire A Professional Water Restoration Company?

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marietta West 24/7 water restoration If water damage happens to your home or business call SERVPRO of Marietta West!

Homeowners call SERVPRO of Marietta West on a daily basis looking for advice and asking our professional opinion on any number of home maintenance issues. From water in their crawlspace, to odors in their attics. Many of these homeowners become loyal SERVPRO of Marietta West customers. Some of them ask, “Do you think I can handle this myself?”, and in most cases, our reply is, “Without seeing the issue first hand and conducting a proper inspection, it is impossible for us to determine the extent of the damage/issue.” 

SERVPRO of Marietta West’s number one goal is to help our community recover after water, fire, or mold damage. In that spirit, our loss coordinators (the talented and knowledgeable SERVPRO team members that answer customers calls 24 hours a day, 7 day a week) are well versed in home repair issues, as they relate to water, fire, or mold damage. There’s not much in the field of residential or commercial restoration that they haven’t seen at least once or twice. So when a customer calls SERVPRO of Marietta West with an issue unsure if they need assistance, our loss coordinators are great at helping them sort things out and can provide them with information that will help them make informed decisions about their home or business’s repair. 

As reputable mitigation and restoration specialists, when asked to weigh in on given customer's ability to resolve an issue, we can not in good conscious tell customers, “Yeah sure. Go ahead. You seem plenty capable. Give home restoration a shot.” There can be many unseen perils when it comes to restoration projects. Depending on the scope of the project and the training and assets needed to complete the restoration project, dangers can vary greatly. From quality of workmanship suffering, all the way up to endangering the occupants of the structure, taking on a restoration project ill equipped and untrained is never a good idea. In contrast we also do not want to cause homeowners alarms or want to use scare tactics to pressure them into having work done. Our goal is to inform the customer about the situation going on in their home or business, so they can make the best decision on a course of action for themselves. We will provide them information concerning things like overall cost of repairs, likely needed skilled trades, and possible health risks. These concerns complicate taking on a restoration project on your own. Without the proper tools and applicable skill sets, residential and commercial restoration are probably best left to the professionals. Let’s take a little closer look at these three primary reasons to leave it to the pros that know at SERVPRO of Marietta West.

Three Reasons To Leave It To The Pros

  • The number one rule for any restoration project is SAFETY. Whether your a multi-million dollar restoration company or an average homeowner doing a little clean up after a bad storm, your number one goal should be safety. Can you safely conduct repairs with the home or business in its current condition? Are there fall hazards or structural support issues? Are there electrical or breathing hazards present? Is the use of potentially hazardous materials or chemicals necessary to complete the restoration? Have you been trained in the prevention of diseases transmission? These are all valid questions to consider before taking on a restoration project by yourself. If you do decide to take on home repair yourself, please be sure to take all necessary steps to ensure your health and safety. 
  • Will repairs require specialized tools, treatments or otherwise specialized trades? The restoration field has come along way from its early days of “placing some fans and letting the property dry”. With modernization of the building codes and the age of the “smart home”, it is only logical that the standards, tools, and training required to restore homes have changed as well. Advances in the fields of study relating to hazardous materials, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes have led to the need for specialized training and treatment protocols for certain restoration projects. Will opting to take on your restoration project yourself result in the same quality of work and craftsmanship as a trained professional? In some cases it will not, but in others this is a very real subject to explore. Do you have access to the proper materials to perform the restoration project yourself? Often times homeowners can find so called “professional” or “commercial grade” products and materials at home improvement stores, and in some stores can even rent “professional grade” equipment. Does this make DIY home restoration a good idea? To put it kindly...Not always. Only someone properly trained or extremely well versed in the restoration industry will know the proper products and materials to be used on a given project, and will be able to discern between the commercial/professional grade materials and inferior products. Also, no one should ever operate heavy equipment without proper operational and safety training. Just because you have access to the piece of equipment or product, doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to try to learn to operate or use them in the setting of your home or business.
  • What will it cost to repair your property to preloss condition? This is probably one of the top motivating factors when it comes to making the decision about taking on a restoration project yourself. Everybody wants to save money, and why not save a few bucks if you are capable of doing it yourself? With all the new DIY TV shows and the abundance of youtube experts in today's online world, there are some great and not so great resources for minor home repair protects. When we talk about the cost of a restoration project many times customers only look at the price tag on the estimate. Doing this can sometimes be a bit short sighted. Factors like quality of work and craftsmanship immediately come to mind. Picture the very first time you tried to cook a fancy meal. Hopefully that meal was delicious, but I would wager that a fair number of people’s experience could have used some...let's call it “better quality of work and or craftsmanship”. All joking aside this is a very real question to contemplate. Will the work stand up to the test of time? If you do repairs yourself there is very little you can do to warranty your work. Sure some materials may offer some type of coverage for factory defect but none will cover installation issues, and many product warranties are voided if not installed by a trained or certified professional. Another major factor many homeowners neglect is the cost of their own time. What is your time worth? Perhaps you think you can complete the home repair over the weekend. What happens when that weekend project get stretched out into a month long ordeal, complete with a million trips to the local Home Depot or Lowes, and sleepless nights due to restlessness and regret that you didn’t call SERVPRO of Marietta West to take care of that pesky leak as soon as you found it.

Call SERVPRO of Marietta West today (770)428-5467

What Kennesaw Customers Can Expect When They Call SERVPRO of Marietta West

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marietta West 24/7 emergency water extraction Call SERVPRO of Marietta West...We can help you resolve your emergency water extraction problems!

The first 24 hours following a water loss are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. Mold can take root and spread throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, so it is imperative that water extraction takes place quickly and thoroughly directly after a water loss. Within two hours of receiving a loss notification, SERVPRO of Marietta West restoration professional will be on-site to help ensure a water damage is handled in accordance with  Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Standards. SERVPRO of Marietta West’s response time is second to none and we pride ourselves on being faster to any size disaster, and this is exemplified by our average response time of less than one hour for emergency services. When you contact SERVPRO of Marietta West you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that we have you and your property's best interest at heart.

The following is a quick rundown on what you can expect when our highly trained technicians arrive at your home or business.


SERVPRO of Marietta West professionals will inspect affected areas to determine the extent of water damage. We will review the inspection with you, and answer any questions you may have before beginning the work. No high pressure or aggressive sales tactics. Just reliable and accurate information about what's going on in your home or business, as it relates to the damage that has occurred and possible issues that could arise in the future. 


SERVPRO of Marietta West professionals will take steps to help protect your home or business, as well as personal property and other contents from further damage by extracting the excess water and preparing the area for drying. They will explain the needed emergency services to you step-by-step and can assist you with filing an insurance claim should you choose to file a claim. SERVPRO of Marietta West is a preferred service provider for most major insurance companies like State Farm, American Family Insurance, Metlife, and The Hartford. We also have a great working relationship with our local insurance adjuster and claims agents. 


To help ensure the structure and contents of your home or business are dried to appropriate IICRC standards, a SERVPRO of Marietta West professional will monitor and document the drying process. The updates will be consistently communicated with you and when applicable to your insurance adjuster or claims agent. Monitoring also allows our trained technicians to better understand how the property is drying, and equipment can be adjusted to dry the property quickly and more cost effectively.


SERVPRO of Marietta West professionals will repair structural materials, reinstall carpets, and clean affected areas of your property and contents. This is where we live up to our motto “Like it never even happened.” A final walk-through of the job-site will be conducted with you to help ensure the property was returned to its preloss condition. SERVPRO of Marietta West’s construction department pulls from a knowledge base of over 50 years of experience in the restoration and home building industry

*Check out some before and after images of our work!

Emergency Water Damage Tips 

  • Turn-off the water source, if possible contact a qualified professional to stop the water source. SERVPRO of Marietta West can help you turn off the water source if require assistance, but time is of the essence so make sure that you mention that you have active water flow when speaking with our loss coordinators.
  • Shut-off circuit breakers for wet areas of the structure only when access to the power distribution panel is safe from electrical shock. If you are not sure if there is an electrical shock hazard it is better to error on the side of caution than venture into an area that you could be electrocuted. 
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting with towels, as long as you are sure that the water is clean and free of hazardous materials like heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, or other microbes. Exposure to hazardous materials can be harmful to your health and require personal protective equipment like tyvek suits, gloves, splash protection for your face and eyes, and even breathing respirators in some cases. Training in the prevention of diseases transmission is also needed when handling and disposing of hazardous material.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting. This creates a barrier between the furniture and wet surfaces and prevents the furniture from absorbing additional moisture through direct contact with the wet surface. This also facilitates the drying process by allowing more room for air to flow around and under furniture.
  • Move any paintings, art objects, computers, documents, and other sensitive valuables to a dry place. These types of items can be very sensitive to moisture and can be damaged just by being exposed to elevated moisture levels. In the case of electronic devices like computers and TVs, these devices can become electrical and or fire hazards when exposed to moisture. 
  • Do not use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water! This could cause electrical shock or damage to the device. The average household vacuum is not rated to be waterproof and will not prevent you from being shocked or even electrocuted if it is exposed to water. If you must use a vacuum cleaner use a wet dry vacuum, meaning that is rated for both dry and wet cleanup operation.

For more information on recovering from water damage, contact SERVPRO of Marietta West. We are your preferred locally owned restoration service provider. Let SERVPRO of Marietta West make your water damaged home or business look “Like it never even happened.”

How to Replace a Leaking Kitchen Sink Trap

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician inspecting sink for water damage Leaking sink traps are one of the most common causes for water damage. Call SERVPRO of Marietta West for 24 hour water restoration!

All over the country, DIY projects are taking the homeowners by storm. Homeowners love to save money and tend to be pretty capable when it comes to home improvement and repair. Entire TV channels, like the DIY Network and HGTV are dedicated to the subject. One of the most popular and useful projects, we here at SERVPRO of Marietta West have come across, was a recently posted project by The Home Depot. This DIY project addresses the all too common issue of leaking sinks. To be more exact, leaks that come from the “sink trap” or “P-trap” located underneath nearly every sink. Over time the curved drain pipe underneath your sink called a p-trap, can corrode, leak, or become permanently clogged. This is a common issue among homeowners, and can be fixed reasonably quickly and easily, making it perfect for a weekend project. The cost of replacement parts are quite reasonable and the required tools are minimal (most home toolboxes have the required tools to complete this type of project).

List of Tools and Supplies:

*Prior to removing the old sink’s trap/P-trap, turn off the water to prevent water damage. Most sinks will have shut off valves located beneath them close to the sink P-trap. There will be one valve each for hot and cold water lines. 

Step One: Remove the old sink P-trap assembly connected to the drain located on the bottom of the sink. Using a set of slip joint pliers to loosen all slip-nuts on the assembly to allow the PVC pipes to move freely. Keep a bucket close by to catch any residual or standing water that might still be inside the sink’s P-trap assembly. Remove the sink P-trap assembly including the sink tailpieces and drain stub trap arm.

Pro Tip: When purchasing your replacement sink P-trap make sure to select one that is the same size as the old trap to ensure a proper fit.

Step Two: Attach the new sink P-trap tailpiece with a tailpiece washer between the flared end of the tailpiece and the sink strainer, then tighten the assembly together by screwing the tailpiece slip-nut onto the sink strainer. This step will need to be repeated for any secondary sink basins. 

Pro Tip: Bathroom installations may require you to trim the tailpiece to the correct length. 

Step Three: Most kitchen sinks have what's called a double basin design. The double basin design means that there are two wash basins or reservoirs built into the sink with separate drains. One often used for washing dishes and the other typically dedicated to washing produce and other foods (this helps prevent contamination of food products). Double basins sinks require a T-fitting, which allows both basins to drain into a single line. To install the T-fitting attach one T-fitting inlet to each sink basin tailpiece using slip joint washers and nuts. Apply pipe lubricant to the slip joint washers to insure a tight fit. 

Pro Tip: If installing a single basin sink, you can skip the T-fitting junction and connect the sink’s tailpiece directly to the trap bend pipe/J-bend pipe and trap arm.

Step Four: Attach the new trap arm to the drain stub out using a slip joint washer and slip-nut. Tightening the slip-nut firmly to insure that no water leaks from the junction. When tightening the slip-nut to the drain stub, make sure to keep the beveled side of the washer face out from the drain stub inlet. 

Pro Tip: You can use a hand saw to customize the length of the trap arm to fit your installation. Also, If you have questions about which direction the wash should face, consult the manufacturer's directions.

Step Five: Connect the trap bend to the trap arm and T-fitting outlet using slip-nuts and washers. The trap bend is commonly referred to as the J-bend, because of its “J” like shape. Being careful not to over tighten the slip joint nuts, use slip joint pliers to tighten the slip joint nuts. Over tightening can result in broken or cracked slip joints which will most likely cause water to leak from the drain.

Pro Tip: Teflon tape is not needed on white plastic pipe threads and fittings, unless otherwise directed by you slink trap/P-trap manufacture. Use of teflon tape when it is not needed could result in leaks, blockages, and possibly even water damage to your home. 

Step Six: Now that your new sink P-trap has been installed, recheck that each slip joint nut is firmly tightened, turn back on both water shutoff valves, and visually inspect the assembly for leaks. You can also use a dry cloth to detect leaks by wiping the connections with the dry cloth. If the cloth shows any signs of moisture, you have a leak in the system which will need to be addressed. 

Pro Tip: Recheck the new sink P-trap several times during the first 24-48 hours of use to make sure no leaks occur.

We hope this blog has been helpful and informative. Completing DIY projects can give you a real sense of accomplishment and can even save you a few bucks. As with any DIY project, there are definite risks involved with taking on plumbing repair by yourself. If at any point you don’t feel capable, need advise, or feel unsafe, call a licensed plumber that you trust.

For more information on installing a new sink P-trap check out this helpful video our friends over at The Home Depot have put out.

SERVPRO of Marietta West understands the stress and worry that comes with a fire or water damage and the disruption it causes your life and home or business. Our goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Marietta West specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or water damage. SERVPRO of Marietta West can also mitigate mold and mildew from your home or business. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. With a nationwide system of qualified franchises, no damage is too large or too small for SERVPRO of Marietta West. Serving you since 1967, SERVPRO is the cleaning and restoration brand you know and trust.

If you would like to schedule service for your home or business, please contact us today (770) 428-5467!

Be Safe While Celebrating this Holiday Season in Marietta Ga

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van responding to customer call No one likes being left wondering and waiting, especially when comes to fire restoration and cleanup. Call SERVPRO of Marietta West today!

Each November, families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving by preparing a delicious feast, but if you don’t practice safe cooking habits, your happy holiday could quickly become hazardous in a blink of an eye. According to the The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking is the main cause of home fires and injuries, with the Thanksgiving holiday being the peak day for cooking-related fire emergencies. Review the following safety tips to help ensure you can enjoy a safe holiday.

  • Never Leave cooking food unattended. Stay in the kitchen while frying, grilling, or broiling food. If someone must leave the kitchen for even a short period of time, they should turn off the stove.
  • Check food regularly while cooking and remain in the home while kitchen equipment is in use. Use a timer as a reminder that the stove or oven is on.
  • Keep small children away from the cooking area. Enforce a “kid-free zone” and make them stay at least three feet away from the stove and oven.
  • Keep anything flammable like pot holders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, food packaging, and towels away from the stove, oven, or other appliances in the kitchen that generates heat.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or dangling sleeves while cooking.
  • Clean cooking surfaces on a regular basis to prevent grease build-up.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher to keep in the kitchen year round. Contact the local fire department for training on the proper use of fire extinguishers if you are unsure.
  • Always check the kitchen before going to bed or leaving the home to make sure all kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens, and toasters are turned off.
  • Install a smoke alarm near the kitchen, on each level of the home, near sleeping areas, and inside and outside of bedrooms. Use the test button to check it is working properly every month. Replace the batteries at least once a year.

The “PASS” Method of Extinguishing a Fire

A portable fire extinguisher can be a life and property saving tool when used correctly. In order to operate a fire extinguisher, the NFPA suggests remembering the word PASS

  • Pull the pin. Hold the nozzle pointing away from you and release the locking mechanism.
  • Aim low. Point the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire.
  • Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly
  • Sweep the nozzle from side-to-side.

Read the instructions on the fire extinguisher and become familiar with them before a fire breaks out. Encourage your family members and co-workers to do the same. Remember, extinguishers do have their limitations! It is also important to ensure you have the correct type of extinguisher for your home or facility. Check out our previous blog “Smoke Alarms Save Marietta Lives” to learn more about the different classes of fire extinguishers and type of fire each are designed to extinguish.

SERVPRO of Marietta West wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Don't Let A Fire Ruin Your Holiday Season

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

kitchen stove fire flame up SERVPRO of Marietta West is open 24/7 and during all major holidays. We can be at your home or business with in an hour in most cases!

Did you know cooking equipment is the leading cause of residential fires? As the holiday season begins and you find yourself in the kitchen more often while hosting friends and family, fire precautions should be top of mind.

A property owner experiences a flood of emotions when a fire ravages their business or home. Fear, uncertainty, stress, and doubt about the future of the property and their livelihood can be overwhelming to the property owner long after the flames have been extinguished and the smoke has cleared.

After the first wave of heroes have rescued the property, let your local SERVPRO of Marietta West professionals help you restore it to its preloss condition. Combining rapid response, the utmost professionalism, and open communication throughout the entire job process, we strive to restore not only the home or business structure, but the customer’s peace of mind as well.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) offers the following eye-opening statistics on structure fires.

  • 482,030 structure fires were reported in the United States in 2018.
  • These fires caused $9.9 billion in property damages.
  • One structure fire was reported every 48 seconds.

If the unthinkable happens and a fire strikes your business or home, give the experts at your locally owned SERVPRO of Marietta West a call (770) 428-5467. We will help make it  “Like it never even happened.”

Choosing the Appropriate Fire Extinguisher

In the event of a fire emergency, first make sure to get people safely away, then call 911. A home fire extinguisher can be used to put out or control small fires, but it’s still safest to call professional fire fighters before you attempt to control a fire on your own.

  • Class A: This is the most common extinguisher and can be used to put out fires in ordinary combustibles such as cloth, wood, rubber, paper, and many plastics.
  • Class B: Used on fires involving flammable liquids, such as grease, gasoline, and oil.
  • Class C: Designed for fires involving appliances, tools, or other equipment electronically energized or plugged in.
  • Class D: For use on flammable metals; often specific for the type of metal in question. These are typically found in factories.
  • Class K: Intended for use on fires that involve vegetable oil, animal oils, or fats in cooking appliances. Generally found in commercial kitchens.

Become Part of The SERVPRO Team!

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

We’re seeking someone who is great on the phone, who has excellent analytical skills, and who is a serious multi-tasker. If you are self-motivated, truly enjoys providing superior service, loves taking ownership and have superb interpersonal skills, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. As a valued SERVPRO® Franchise employee, you will receive a competitive pay rate with opportunity to learn and grow.

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for answering phones, providing customer service, and coordinating/scheduling jobs. Responsibilities will also include documenting job files, entering estimates, submitting insurance claims.

Position requirements:

  • Hours are 40 hours/week Mon- Fri (flexible to work overtime/on-call when required)
  • Experience with data entry: 1 year (preferred)
  • Customer Service: 1 year (preferred)
  • Administrative Assistant: 1 year (preferred)
  • Driver's License (preferred)

Primary Role: Perform all office administrative tasks related to customer calls, job management and tracking, scheduling of jobs and customer satisfaction activities. Perform basic accounting duties relating to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and banking. Perform general office duties such as drafting correspondence, filing and creating reports.

Results Expected: All administrative work is processed and documented accurately and timely. Customers, COIs (Center of Influence), Production Team, Marketing Reps/ Estimators and the Office Manager/Owner are communicated to in a timely and accurate manner. Customer satisfaction is maintained at a high level. Processing of accounts payable and receivables are current. All files and reports are maintained and provided as required. All administrative tasks are completed as assigned.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. This company does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, national origin, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

You can apply for this position by clicking on the following link to our Facebook Job Listings!

Listen To Flood Warnings

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marietta West is here to make it "Like it never even happened"

If you've experienced flood damage call SERVPRO of Marietta West (770) 428-5467. We offer 24/7 emergency service!

Flooding is a temporary overflow of water onto an area that normally is dry. Injury or death can result from failing to evacuate flooded areas, going into flood waters, or staying in flooded areas after water passes. As far as natural disasters go, floods are the most common natural disaster.

  • Floods result from rain, snow, storms, or even overflows of dams and other water systems.
  • Flash floods can develop quickly or slowly and can come with no warning.
  • Floods can damage buildings, create mudslides/landslides, and cause substantial disruption of transportation/resources

If you are under a flood warning, seek safe shelter immediately!

  • Do not walk, swim, or drive through flood waters. Turn Around, Don’t Drown! (Just six inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.)
  • Stay off of bridges over fast-moving water.
  • Determine how best to protect yourself based on the type of flooding.

  • Evacuate if told to do so.

  • Move to higher ground or a higher floor.

Are you one of our many satisfied customers? Click Here to let us know how we did!

For more information about floods and similar articles check out our friend over at

Why SERVPRO of Marietta West?

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marietta West is here 24/7. Give us a call (770)428-5467!

The People, Experience, Training and Equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

The People - With over 10,000 quality teammates nationwide, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Experience - SERVPRO is a Franchise System with over 40 years of leadership in fire and water cleanup and restoration. Our track record of results has earned us the trust of the insurance industry, countless homeowners, commercial property managers and in one unforgettable instance, even the Pentagon. 

The Training - Franchise Professionals undergo extensive fire restoration training an d certification SERVPRO Industries, Inc. offers an IICRC-approved school to help ensure our training meets and exceeds accepted industry standards.

The Equipment - With over 5,000,000 square feet of building space, housing over 140,000 pieces of cleaning and restoration equipment, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals have the resources to help you take back control of your life.

The SERVPRO SYSTEM saves money and lowers recovery cost!

Mitigation requires quick action. The faster SERVPRO of Marietta West arrives on-site to preform cleanup and restoration, the better the results - including lower claim costs.

  • Emergency Mitigation Services help minimize additional property damages.
  • Restoration versus replacement of contents saves heirlooms and money too.
  • Restorable contents will be cleaned and deodorized to preloss condition when possible.

Call SERVPRO of Marietta West at (770) 428-5467 for all of your restoration and mitigation needs!!!

Seven Ways To Be Better Prepared

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marietta West wants you to be prepared!

If a disaster strikes, will you be ready?

In recent years, many different types of disasters have affected the United States. Flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and blizzards are natural disasters that can threaten your home, business and community. SERVPRO of Marietta West wants you and your customers to be aware of the steps to take to help prepare for Mother Nature’s worst.

It is important to prepare before a disaster occurs. Consider the following steps to help you better prepare for an emergency:

  • Sign up for local alerts and warnings, download apps, and/or check access for wireless emergency alerts.
  • Develop and test emergency communication plans.
  • Assemble update emergency supplies.
  • Learn about local hazards and conduct a drill to practice emergency response actions.
  • Participate in a preparedness discussion, training, or class.
  • Collect and safeguard critical documents.
  • Plan with neighbors to help each other and share resources.

You can reach SERVPRO of Marietta West at (770) 428-5467

Valentine's Date Night Package Contest

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

How many candy hearts can you count?

Are you one of our local insurance agent?

Do you work at one of our local insurance office?

Could you use a night out with your special someone?

Then all you have to do is answer one more question correctly...How many hearts are in the jar?

The rules are pretty simple...Like SERVPRO of Marietta West's Facebook page and comment on the linked contest post with how many candy hearts you think are in the jar. Who ever guess the number or comes the closest will win SERVPRO of Marietta West's Valentine's Date Night Package.

We will announce the winner via Facebook, February 13th. SERVPRO of Marietta West would like to wish everyone the best of luck and a happy Valentines Day!

2019 Resolution | Plan Ahead

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

With each new year, many people resolve to better themselves or some part of their life. This year, make a resolution to be READY. No one ever plans on a disaster, but you can prepare for it. The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you are "Ready for whatever happens" in 2019.

In the event of an emergency, the ERP can help minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action in place for your facility. The ERP is a comprehensive document containing critical information about your business, including emergency contacts, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. The ERP also establishes SERVPRO of Marietta West as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider, giving you access to over 50 years experience and a system more than 1,700 franchises strong. The ERP is a no-cost assessment; all it requires is a little time , making it a great value that could save you time and money in the future. By downloading the free SERVPRO READY App, this information is stored electronically and can be accessed using your mobile device putting help at your fingertips.

Preparation is the key to making it through any size disaster, whether it is a small water leak, a large fire or an area flood. Having a plan in place may help minimize the amount of time your business is inactive and get you back in wait until disaster strikes. Resolve to be READY. Call SERVPRO of Marietta West to establish your Emergency READY Profile, and be "Ready for whatever happens" in 2019.

Advantages of the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile

  • A no-cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise profile document containing only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Marietta West as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Call SERVPRO of Marietta West (770) 428-5467 for a Free Emergency READY Profile assessment!

Six Tips on Protecting Your Kennesaw, GA Home or Business From Winter Weather

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

"If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a tempertature no lower than 55°F," says

Winter has just begun...Are you prepared for the coming cold Kennesaw, Georgia weather? 

Cold weather can have a massive impact on your home or business when you are not ready for it. SERVPRO of Marietta West wants you and your property to be prepared for winter in North Georgia. From freezing temperatures with damaging winds, to heavy rain or frozen sleet and snow, all can cause serious and expensive property damage. While you cannot control the weather, you can make efforts to be prepared, which can help take the sting out of winter weather.

To help avoid costly damages due to winter weather conditions, consider taking the following precautions to protect your Kennesaw home or business before colder weather hits.

  1. Check your business or property for downed tree limbs and branches. Wind, heavy rain, ice, and snow can cause branches to fall. This could cause damage to the property and potentially cause personal injuries.
  2. Roofs, water pipes, and gutters should all be inspected to help ensure they are in proper order. Gutter downspouts should be directed away from your building. Clear gutters of debris that may have gathered during the fall. Leaves and other obstructions can cause a damming effect if left to build up. This can lead to roof damage and/or allow water to get into the interior of the structure.
  3. Inspect property, especially walkways and parking lots, for proper drainage to alleviate a potential flood hazard.
  4. Inspect all hand rails, stairwells, and entryways to address and correct potential slippery or hazardous areas. Install mats or non-slip surfaces and post caution signs where water could be present.
  5. Protect water pipes from freezing by simply allowing water to drip when temperatures dip below freezing. If pipes are under a cabinet, leave cabinet doors open, allowing warm air to circulate around the pipes. If the building has out door faucets, consider shutting water off at the main valve in the basement or crawlspace. Once the valve is off, open the outdoor faucet to ensure it drains, preventing any remaining water from freezing in the pipe.
  6. Have SERVPRO of Marietta West complete an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for your business. The ERP is a no-cost assessment of your facility and provides you with a plan to get back in business faster following a disaster. 

When winter strikes, call SERVPRO of Marietta West to strike back!

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Marietta West is close by and ready to respond to storm and disaster events. We are proud to be an active member of the Marietta community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be. 

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