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SERVPRO of Marietta West Can Help You Reopen Your Business Safely

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

technicians wiping and disinfecting touchable surfaces SERVPRO of Marietta West's trained professionals can safely clean and disinfect your office/work space, reducing the likely hood of harmful pathogens.

The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned (CSC) Standard Service is centered around limiting the survival and spread of emerging viral pathogens. SERVPRO of Marietta West is not aiming to replace your company's current cleaning crew or janitorial services, but rather working to supplement your current cleaning efforts. Our highly trained and certified technicians will apply EPA registered disinfectants to touch points described below. *This application of disinfection excludes inventory or retail merchandise. 

Step 1

Long before SERVPRO of Marietta West receives your call, we are preparing for the first step in the CSC program by completing an exhaustive training program and familiarizing ourselves with the disinfectants that will be utilized to disinfect your facility, like SERVPROXIDE DisinfectantBenefect Botanical Disinfectant, and Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution to name a few. Our technicians will have specifically reviewed safety precautions and requirements related to the cleaning process, including protocols for any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), application methods, and needed product dwell time to insure effective application.

Step 2

SERVPRO cleaning crews and trained technicians will don all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, tyvek suits and respirators to protect themselves during the cleaning process from pathogens like virus and bacteria that might be present. An N-95 respirator, disposable gloves, coveralls/gowns, and goggles are a minimum level of PPE. This level of PPE is sufficient when applying disinfectant with a saturated towel or a trigger sprayer and towel. Other application methods, such as utilizing a ULV mister or electrostatic sprayer, will require additional respiratory protection such as an air purifying respiratory (half-mask or full-face mask) with organic vapor (OV) cartridges

Step 3

SERVPRO will apply disinfectant to touch points. This can be accomplished with a towel saturated with disinfectant or a utilizing equipment to deliver disinfectant such as a trigger sprayers, pump sprayers, ULV misters, electrostatic sprayers, airless sprayers, foam applicators, or another equivalent effective dispersion technology. Our highly trained technicians will strictly follow product label directions to insure successful application and disinfection. Depending on the listed product dwell time and the application method, the disinfectant may be able to be applied once or it could require multiple treatments to keep the surfaces wet for the minimum time. We will carefully assess the surfaces to prevent the product from streaking or running while keeping the surface wet for the recommended contact time. 

  • Door knobs, pulls, and locks, as well as 1 square foot around the knob or pull, door jambs 
  • Push doors 
  • Stair handrails, elevator car and controls 
  • Light switches, switch covers, and accessible outlet covers 
  • Counter tops, tabletops, vanity tops, and desktops. Disinfect accessible surfaces without moving contents. Prevent over-spray and potential damage (i.e. paper products, electronic devices, personal property). 
  • Chairs. Avoid over wetting upholstered surfaces. Concentrate application on arms, backs, height/swivel controls. 
  • Faucets, sinks, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, dryer, water fountains, napkin dispenser 
  • Cabinet door and drawer exterior, door and drawer pulls/knobs 
  • Toilets, urinals, bathroom stalls around locks and handrails, handrails, bathroom fixtures (i.e. toilet paper dispenser), diaper changing stations, fitting room stalls around locks and handrails 
  • Telephones, computer equipment, shared office equipment, sales registers, point-of-sale equipment. 
  • Exterior of shelves,?racking, displays,?bookcases, file cabinets,?lockers,?or other fixtures. Disinfect accessible surfaces without moving contents. 
  • Operational/occupational equipment and controls (i.e. kitchen equipment, fitness equipment, laundry equipment).

Step 4

SERVPRO professionals will inspect the surfaces that have been disinfected. Wipe clean surfaces to eliminate product streaking and/or residues if needed. 

Step 5 

After step 4 technicians will perform end-of-visit cleanup. Once all work activities are complete, we will return all products, supplies, and tools to the work vehicle, bag all trash such as disposable towels and disposable PPE according to hazmat disposal procedures when necessary, and load bags into the work vehicle(s). Before leaving, walk through the work site one final time to ensure that the work site is clean and ready for your employees to return to the facility. 

Step 6 

Finally our technician will place a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned window cling, complete with date of service, so that your employees and customers alike can rest easy knowing that your facility is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

For more information about our cleaning services and the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program check our our previous blog “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned - a defensive cleaning program”; "SERVPRO of Marietta West is Here to Help During This Time of Need"

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